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Laiq Hussain Histology Book 32

Review of Medical Histology by Laiq Hussain

Medical Histology is a book written by Dr. Laiq Hussain Siddiqui, a renowned anatomist and histologist from Pakistan. The book is intended for medical students who want to learn the microscopic structure and function of human tissues and organs. The book has been revised and updated in its 6th edition, which was published in 2019.

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The book covers all the topics of histology in a systematic and logical manner, starting from the cell and ending with the special senses. The book has 23 chapters, each of which is divided into sections and subsections for easy understanding. The book also contains numerous figures, diagrams, tables, and clinical correlations to illustrate the concepts and applications of histology.

The book has several features that make it a useful and reliable resource for learning histology. Some of these features are:

  • The book follows the basic principle of explaining the correlation between microscopic structure and function, which helps the students to appreciate the significance of histology in medicine.

  • The book incorporates the latest advances and discoveries in molecular and cell biology, which are relevant to histology. For example, the book discusses the role of stem cells, apoptosis, cell signaling, gene expression, and epigenetics in various tissues and organs.

  • The book provides clinical correlations wherever appropriate, which help the students to relate histology to pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. For example, the book explains how histological changes occur in inflammation, infection, neoplasia, aging, and degeneration.

  • The book has a user-friendly layout and design, which make it easy to read and comprehend. The text is clear and concise, the figures are colorful and informative, the tables are compact and organized, and the headings are bold and highlighted.

  • The book has a comprehensive index and glossary, which help the students to find the information they need quickly and easily. The index lists all the terms and topics covered in the book alphabetically, while the glossary defines all the technical terms used in the book.

In conclusion, Medical Histology by Laiq Hussain is a well-written and well-illustrated book that covers all the aspects of histology in a simple and logical way. The book is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health sciences. The book is also a valuable reference for teachers, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in histology.

If you want to buy this book online, you can visit one of these websites: [Google Books], [Amazon], or [MBBS.Com.Pk].


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