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Cream Sherry Wine Where To Buy

A full-bodied luscious dessert wine with butterscotch & pecan aromas leading to a lush taste of hazelnut & almond. With a brilliant amber and deep copper hue, the sweet salted nut and brown spice aromas carry a complex caramel accent. A sweet entry leads to a flavorful finish. Pairs well with chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and pastries.

cream sherry wine where to buy

Cream Sherry doesn't have any dairy in it, but it is sweet and dark, in the oloroso style. How did it get its name? The story goes that a woman attending a Sherry tasting in the late 1800s sampled a variety of traditional Sherry, which was nicknamed "Bristol's Milk" (named after the British port of Bristol, where Sherry was routinely shipped). After tasting the new, sweeter, more unctuous (and as-yet-unnamed) Sherry, she declared, "If that is milk, then this is cream," and the nickname stuck. Because of its style, cream Sherry is recommended as an after-dinner drink, served over ice or perhaps on the side with a cup of coffee.

  • Chris and Barb(May 26, 2011 at 11:42 AM)This is one of the most amazing dessert wines we have ever had. It's smooth and sweet without being syrupy, and the caramel tones are just magical. We took some to friends in another state, and now they are hooked, too! We can't wait to order more! Joe Bailey(Feb 6, 2014 at 2:52 PM)I have had different Sherry , from California and ny ... this is the best Iever had ,, everytime Iplace a order for wine ,, I always order a bottle or two of Hunts Country Sherry , its the best Katharine(Jun 5, 2016 at 6:36 PM)My mom and dad brought this to my house for my dad's birthday weekend. I'm not a huge sherry fan, but this is by far the best sherry I have ever had. My mom and dad agree! It's sweet, but not cloying, and it gives you that nice warm feeling without burning. It is done perfectly. I had a glass every night after dinner, and I rarely if ever do that; it is THAT good! Carolyn(Dec 19, 2016 at 4:58 PM)I bought this sherry while visiting family in Penn Yan. I don't drink sherry but loved it so I bought it. It's been in the cellar as I have not had an event that seemed sherryworthy. I am making mushroom soup that calls for sherry. Not only was the soup delis but now I get to enjoy the rest of the bottle. The hickory nut flavor is amazing. Will need to get more on my next visit. Thanks! Add A Product Review*Name *Email*Rating5 - Excellent4 - Pretty Good3 - Average2 - OK1 - Poor*ReviewE-Mail me when someone reviews this productAdd Your ReviewLeave this field blank: Hunt Country Vineyards 4021 Italy Hill Road, Branchport, NY 14418 FacebookInstagramVimeoTrip Advisor Accessibility Policy

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Domestic cream sherry from Sheffield Cellars inn California which is owned by Gallo. Cream sherry is usually darker, more full-bodied and sweeter than regular or dry sherry. Good served with desserts or as an after dinner drink.

I have separated the best cream sherries by cost, to cover all budgets. At the end I also recommend other sherries found within the sweet sherry category, but that are less sweet than cream sherries. These would be medium sherry wines.

Hopefully this blog helps you decide which cream sherry to buy. I use many of the following wines on my routes, as I consider them my favourites. I never receive benefit from any sherry winery, not even doing the routes, only in this case from Amazon. Sadly in the British amazon there are only two of all the manzanilla sherry wines I recommend.

My favourite cream, aged about 25 years from the young cellar, but with old criaderas and soleras, is from Bodegas Tradición. If you do not know how sherry is aged please click here. The Parker wine guide gave VOS Tradicion cream sherry +92 points.

This is a great cream sherry over 30 years old from the Gonzalez Byass bodega. If you do not know how sherry is aged please click here. The Parker wine guide gave VORS Matusalem cream sherry 93 points.

Some people consider this sherry in a different group, similar to brown sherry. However as the Sherry DO says, if it is a blended sherry over 115g/L of residual sugar, it is a cream sherry. This cream sherry is incredible. Its ageing process mimics that of some 17th century wines developed during transatlantic journeys to distant Spanish colonies.

A very easily accessible cream sherry around the world, made by Gonzalez Byass bodega. Gonzalez Byass Solera 1847 cream sherry has an average of 8 years old. This cream sherry wine is 75% Palomino and 25% Pedro Ximenez. Photo below of this cream as a cocktail from my sherry & tapas tour in Vejer de la Frontera.

Harveys Bristol Cream is another very easily accessible sherry in the UK. It is an interesting cream sherry if you just use it for cocktails (I give you a tip of how to have cream sherry below). Harveys Bristol cream is a mixture of different sherry types: fino, amontillado, oloroso and PX.

A great way to enjoy any cream sherry is in a glass with ice and a slice of orange. The orange increases the acidity to make it feel a little bit less sweet and heavy. It is great to enjoy in the garden on a sunny day!

Thank you so much for reading this blog about the best cream sherry wines for me. If you are looking for Sherry wine experiences to taste and understand the types of sherry wine even better, contact us. We do cultural and culinary experiences throughout Cadiz province. I will now take advantage to show off to you the great food tours in Cadiz province that we do.

If you are staying in Vejer de la Frontera or within Cadiz province we can organise a private Sherry wine tasting with local gourmet tapas for your group. We will go to your place and do a Sherry wine or Andalusian wine tasting for you privately. Each sherry wine paired with a local food tapas. We can focus on premium Sherries; a mix of VORS and premium Sherries; or Andalusian wines in case you do not like Sherry wine.

Our sherry & tapas tour in Cadiz or Vejer de la Frontera is always a good hit! Learn about 5 different sherry wines (from dry to sweet), wine tastings, and how to pair it with gourmet traditional food from the area. The tour includes 5 gourmet tapas and 5 wine/Sherries.

Cream sherry is the general name for different kinds of sweetened sherries. They are usually produced by blending a dry wine like Oloroso with naturally sweet Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel wines. Lesser quality Cream sherry will be sweetened (and coloured) by adding grape must and/or a vino de color, which contains Arrope, cooked down and caramelized grape must.

In Spanish this category of sherry wines is called Vinos Generosos de Licor or liqueur wines. They are separate from the naturally sweet wines or Vinos Dulces Naturales. Learn more about sherry categories on the website of the Consejo Regulador.

The best examples of sweet sherry wines (e.g. Gonzalez Byass Matusalem or the Harveys Oloroso V.O.R.S.) are old, venerable wines. They are much more balanced than the cheap commercial types. The best sweet sherries are the ones that were sweetened long before bottling. That way, the sweeter wine will blend nicely with the dry one, creating a harmoniously end result. These wines are usually off-dry rather than thoroughly sweet.

Another style worth mentioning is East India Solera, bottled by Lustau and named after the tradition of maturing wines in the holds of ships that sailed for the East Indies (this practice was not exclusive to sherry, also Madeira, whisky and other spirits were treated this way). The motion of the ship and the specific climatic conditions would create a softer, more gentle style of sherry. Today the style is recreated by blending some Pedro Ximénez with Oloroso and storing the resulting blend in the warmest parts of the bodega.

SherryNotes is aiming to be an authorative and comprehensive sherry wine resource online. It includes sherry reviews, bodega profiles and background articles. Discover the versatile 'Vinos de Jerez', the traditional wines of Andalusia - Spain: Manzanilla, Fino, Palo Cortado, Amontillado, Oloroso, Moscatel and Pedro Ximénez.I am a Certified Sherry Educator and also run a whisky blog over at

The art of making cream sherry is an old and skilled practice. Finishing full bodied and sweet, this wine is wonderful for enhancing the flavor of any dessert. The rich amber color and nutty flavor add to your enjoyment of this wine. Bottle Price $ 16.99Case Price $ 152.91(20% Discount) 12 Btls/Case

VINIFICATION AND AGING: After harvest, the grapes are fermented and aged in a fractional blending system known as the Solera System, yielding wines with depth and complexity. It is produced, aged and bottled in Jerez de la Frontera in traditional American Oak 500 liter casks. While most producers fortify with bulk spirit made in La Mancha from Airén grapes, this sherry utilizes Palomino grapes distilled from estate vineyards located in Jerez which integrates seamlessly with the base wine. The wine is a blend of Oloroso and concentrated rectified must, resulting in a fortified wine of oxidative aging with a deep mahogany color. This wine has 97grams of residual sugar per liter.

While more youthful styles are similar to white wines when it comes to pairing options, aged styles are more like red wines. When enjoying a glass of Oloroso, pair it with equally rich foods, such as creamy blue cheese or a decadent chocolate mousse.

The crispest, freshest styles are fino and manzanilla sherries. Richer, darker sherries are amontillados, olorosos and palo cortados. These are all made from the Palomino grape and are normally totally dry. Then you have super-sweet sherry made from the Pedro Ximinez. Finally, there are sweetened wines which are blends of dry sherry with PX known variously as cream, amorosos or sweet olorosos. Sherry is fortified and the strength varies between 15% for fino up to about 20% for oloroso. Almost all are blends of vintages, aged in a solera. 041b061a72


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