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Tropico 5 - The Supercomputer Password

Tropico 5 - The Supercomputer Password

Tropico 5 is a simulation game that allows you to play as the leader of a fictional Caribbean island nation, Tropico. You can shape the history of your nation from the colonial era to the modern times, and deal with various challenges such as political rivals, foreign powers, rebels, and natural disasters. You can also customize your own dynasty of rulers, and choose from different political systems and ideologies.

One of the features that was added in the "The Supercomputer" DLC for Tropico 5 is the supercomputer password. It is a code that you can enter in the supercomputer building to access a special research mode that can help you advance faster than your competitors. The supercomputer building is a new structure that you can construct in the modern era. It generates a large amount of research points, but also consumes a lot of electricity and requires highly educated workers.


The supercomputer password is a secret that is not revealed in the game itself. However, some players have discovered it by looking into the game files or by trial and error. The password is "42", which is a reference to the famous answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything from the science fiction novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. To enter the password, you need to click on the supercomputer building and type "42" in the text box that appears. Then, you will see a message that says "Research mode activated".

When you activate the research mode, you will be able to research any technology from any era without any prerequisites. This means that you can skip some of the technologies that you don't need or want, and focus on the ones that are more useful or interesting for your strategy. For example, you can research nuclear power plants without having to research electricity first, or you can research space program without having to research flight first. You can also research technologies from future eras that are normally not available in the game, such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and quantum physics.

However, there are some drawbacks to using the supercomputer password. First of all, it will disable achievements for your current game session, so you won't be able to earn any trophies or medals for your accomplishments. Second, it will make the game less challenging and realistic, as you will have access to advanced technologies that are not appropriate for your historical period. Third, it will make some of the missions and scenarios easier or harder than intended, as they are designed with certain technologies in mind. For example, in the "Supercomputer" mission itself, you are supposed to compete with other nations in researching technologies within a time limit. If you use the supercomputer password, you will be able to research everything in no time, but you will also lose the fun and excitement of the competition.

Therefore, using the supercomputer password is a matter of personal preference and play style. Some players may enjoy it as a way to experiment with different technologies and strategies, or as a way to have fun and relax without worrying about achievements or challenges. Other players may prefer to play without it, as they may find it too easy or unrealistic, or as they may want to follow the historical progression of technology and earn achievements for their efforts. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you want to use the supercomputer password or not.


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