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Create Your Own Hotel Empire with Hotel Story Mod Apk (Latest Version)

Hotel Story Mod Apk: A Fun and Creative Simulation Game

Do you love to design and manage your own hotel? Do you want to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests? If yes, then you should try Hotel Story, a popular simulation game that lets you build and run your own hotel. And if you want to make the game more fun and exciting, you should download Hotel Story Mod Apk, a modified version of the game that gives you unlimited resources and features. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Hotel Story and Hotel Story Mod Apk, including what they are, what they offer, how to download and install them, and how to play them. Let's get started!

hotel story mod apk

What is Hotel Story?

Hotel Story is a simulation game developed by Happy Labs, a studio that specializes in casual and family-friendly games. In Hotel Story, you can create your own hotel from scratch, choosing from hundreds of different rooms, facilities, decorations, and themes. You can also customize your hotel's name, logo, staff, and services. Your goal is to attract and satisfy as many guests as possible, earning money and reputation along the way. You can also visit other players' hotels and rate them, or join a resort club and chat with other hotel owners.

The gameplay of Hotel Story

The gameplay of Hotel Story is simple and intuitive. You start with a small plot of land and a limited budget. You can then build rooms for your guests, such as standard rooms, deluxe rooms, suites, or dorms. You can also build facilities for your guests, such as restaurants, cafes, spas, gyms, pools, or arcades. You can decorate your hotel with various items, such as plants, paintings, statues, or fountains. You can also choose a theme for your hotel, such as modern, classic, tropical, or oriental.

Once you have built your hotel, you can start welcoming guests. Guests will have different preferences and needs, such as comfort, cleanliness, food quality, entertainment value, or service speed. You have to meet their expectations and make them happy, which will increase your income and reputation. You can also upgrade your rooms and facilities to improve their quality and attract more guests. You can also hire staff to help you run your hotel, such as receptionists, cleaners, chefs, or entertainers.

The features of Hotel Story

Hotel Story has many features that make it an enjoyable and creative game. Some of the features are:

  • You can design and build your own hotel with over 300 different rooms and facilities.

  • You can customize your hotel with over 1000 different decorations and themes.

  • You can interact with over 20 types of guests with different personalities and preferences.

  • You can visit other players' hotels and rate them or join a resort club and chat with them.

  • You can unlock new rooms, facilities, decorations, themes, staffs, guests, and achievements as you progress in the game.

  • You can play offline or online with no internet connection required.

What is Hotel Story Mod Apk?

Hotel Story Mod Apk is a modified version of Hotel Story that gives you unlimited resources and features. With Hotel Story Mod Apk, you can enjoy the game without any limitations or restrictions. You can build your dream hotel without worrying about money or time. You can also access all the rooms, facilities, decorations, themes, staffs, guests, and achievements in the game without having to unlock them.

The benefits of Hotel Story Mod Apk

Hotel Story Mod Apk has many benefits that make it more fun and exciting to play Hotel Story. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can build your hotel faster and easier with unlimited money and gems.

  • You can skip the waiting time for building, upgrading, or repairing your rooms and facilities.

  • You can experiment with different combinations of rooms, facilities, decorations, and themes without any risk or cost.

  • You can impress your guests and other players with your amazing hotel design and service.

  • You can enjoy all the features and content of the game without any ads or in-app purchases.