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DigiCert strongly recommends including each of these roots in all applications and hardware that support X.509 certificate functionality, including Internet browsers, email clients, VPN clients, mobile devices, operating systems, etc.


Download Zip:

DigiCert is the sole operator of all intermediates and root certificates issued.Each publicly trusted intermediate and root certificate is operated under themost current version of the DigiCert CPS and audited under DigiCert'scurrent Webtrust audit.

DigiCert root certificates are among the most widely-trusted authority certificates in the world. As such, they are automatically recognized by all common web browsers, mobile devices, and mail clients.

DigiCert does not charge or require any special license agreement for the use and/or distribution of our root certificates. However, if your organization requires that you obtain a license agreement in order to include the DigiCert roots in your application, please email us at

This article lists the certificate trust policies for watchOS, and is updated when changes are made to the certificate list. It lists the certificates for watchOS Trust Store version 2016102100, which is current for watchOS 3 and later.

Note, these is an Esperanto ŝ letter in the path and the post has a title in Japanese. All I had to make sure was checking full UTF-8 support for php and MySQL. You might want to check those settings first.

When one dives deeply into how web pages work, there are two ways to send page requests, GET and POST requests. IIRC GET has a limit of 1024 characters imposed by the standard and while POST can handle more, it has a limit too (albeit so large that you seldom bumb into it). But those limits are set by the internet specifications, different web site platforms (Drupal, Joomla Sharepoint, WordPress and so on) often have much lower limits (I work with Sharepoint which loves to use GUIDs as identifiers, while at the same time has quite a low limit for how long query strings can be. That combination asks for trouble.)

I've read somewhere that multiline in long header fields is covered by RFC0822 "LONG HEADER FIELDS", and basically, the line ending should be followed by a space. So I indent the continuation lines by one space:

... but then my header is in conflict with the recommendation from RFC 2822 - 2.1.1. Line Length Limits which says "Each line of characters MUST be no more than 998 characters, and SHOULD be no more than 78 characters, excluding the CRLF."; specifically the line limit of 78 characters.

So, how can I obtain the proper multi-line quoted-printable representation of an UTF-8 Subject header string, so I can use it in an .eml file split at 78 characters - and have Thunderbird correctly read it?

... but this time it indicates it got some of the chars correct. And indeed, breakage occurs where lines are broken "in the middle of a character"; say if for the sequence 0xD1, 0x83 for the character у, the =D1?= ends one line, and the Q?=83 starts the other, then Thunderbird cannot parse that. So after manual rearrangement, this snippet can be obtained:

The problem with your test.eml is that your RFC2047 encoding is broken. The Q encoding is based on quoted-printable, but is not entirely the same. In particular, each space needs to be encoded as either =20 or _, and you cannot escape line breaks with a final =.

Fundamentally, each =?...?= sequence needs to be a single, unambiguous token per RFC 822. You can either break up your input into multiple such tokens and leave the spaces unencoded, or encode the spaces. Note that spaces between two such tokens are not significant, so encoding the spaces into the sequences makes more sense.

Unless you are writing a MIME library yourself, the simple solution is to not care, and let the library piece this together for you. PHP is more problematic (the standard library lacks this functionality, and the third-party libraries are somewhat uneven--find one you trust, and stick to it), but in Python, simply pass in a Unicode string, and the email library will encode it if necessary.

Likely your server or a plugin blocks outgoing requests.Please check -tutorials/how-to-fix-curl-error-28-connection-timed-out-after-x-milliseconds/ carefully, as they go over almost every possible cause and solution.

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Brien has explored more than 90 countries but his true passion is researching and writing about the ancient megalithic works found in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Easter Island, Egypt, England, and beyond. His 23 books are available on this website & He has appeared 15 times on the Ancient Aliens television series as well as numerous other TV and radio presentations. Brien's popular Youtube channel contains more than 850 videos related to hidden history and megalithic sites.

Our operations began nearly a decade ago as a way to facilitate my longterm research into megalithic sites and ancient wisdom. Over the years our offerings have grown to an annual series of major group tours featuring well known researchers as well as private tours with me to sites in Peru and Bolivia.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

A sandalwood cream, with a deep and mellow woody signature enhanced by upcycled oakwood. Creamy woods colored in red, faceting them with sparkling balckcurrant buds and a bouquet of warm spice, including fusing pink pepper.

The maidenhair ferns ripple from the touch of an invisible presence. Who goes there? The edge of the undergrowth pulsates, beckoning lovers of stories and tales of moons, feathers and good Samaritans to the shelter of an age-old forest. Sherwood. A botanical palace in which each root hides a tender shoot, each variety of tree surprises by its skin-like bark. Smooth and sweet like orange blossom absolute. Like rose. Birds hold conciliabules in their nests, peeping and cheeping on about Robin. The treetops swap secrets of pink pepper and carrot seed oil. Only the cedar knows them. Where is the coveted treasure hidden? Suddenly an arrow flies down the middle of a path lined with blackcurrant buds. It skims past the birch and leaves a pervading trail of sandalwood oil that slips between the leaves, hugs the trunks, takes advantage of every ounce of quivering air to make its presence known. It points to the destination, leads the way to a fragrance: as generously discreet, as gloriously alive as the forest host.

Carrot seed oil, with woody, iris, violet and dried fruit notes, is obtained by steam distilling the ground tuber seeds. Sherwood springs forth with the warm note of New Caledonian sandalwood oil, produced from the cut branches and dead wood harvested from the dedicated plantation in the Lifou forest to preserve the natural resources of the site, and the intense, voluptuous notes of Damask rose cultivated in Turkey.

The most beautiful landscapes deserve the most beautiful natural ingredients. This is why Memo fragrances allow themselves to do anything: no limitations in the choice or in the quality of the desired ingredients. The perfumer has a rare freedom to express his creativity, which allows him to create unique compositions with character. Reflecting the destinations that inspire them.

With Memo, it pops up through an unexpected facet, a surprising note that will give the perfume a particular dynamic. The Eau de Memo, as the collection Graines vagabondes are emblematic of this willingness to express freshness in a perfume in a new way. With intensity and audacity.

A vintage twist also characterizes Memo fragrances. It is reflected in the Nomadic Leathers collection, born as a subtle nod to the antique leather cases and luggage that recall the art of travel of yesteryear, and that now distinguishes the Memo universe. To give a perfume the strength of a memory, you have to allow it to blossom over time; Memo compositions evolve beautifully on the skin and offer long-lasting hold. The skin memorizes them.

I wanted to ask for your help. As you may be aware we have been running banners on many language wikis. We have a lot of new content this year and I really want to conduct a thorough review of our translations. This is a combination of feedback from the community, readers, donors as well as those with professional translator experience. This will help us ensure the highest quality of translations used in our messaging. 041b061a72


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