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Nicholas Collins

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The next campaign takes the Green Beret, the Sniper and the Spy to Norway where Green Beret and Sniper are locked in a deadly fight with the Germans. Upon eliminating all the Germans in the area, the Spy Goes ahead and destroys a German patrol boat and steals one of their trucks. Covered in the darkness of night the Sniper and the Spy prepare for a surprise attack on the town's Nazi garrison. The Sniper moves up to a high building, gets to the attic and signals the Spy with his torch. The Spy receives the signal, moves up to the bridge on the far side of the town and neutralizes explosives set by the Germans. Again he moves to the farther corner of the town and upon taking control of the radio, sends the radio signal to Green Beret to initiate the strike. After a heavy battle, the town is captured by the commandos and the Norwegian resistance members. But the following morning, the Nazis started a full-scaled invasion sending massive reinforcements supported by mortar strikes and Panzer Tanks which the Green Beret and the Sniper successfully repel.

Commandos: Strike Force PC Download Free Torrent



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