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Nicholas Collins

What's New in GNS3-0.8.6-all-in-one.exe? Features and Improvements Explained

We have used a 64-bit Windows 7 platform to create this article but the instructions should work for any flavor of Microsoft Windows. The size of the package is around 60 MB and it should not take long to download on a broadband connection. Configure the path to the directory that contains IOS imagesYou should go to Edit Preferences Dynamips, and on the Dynamips tab, change the Executable path to Dynamips to C:Program FilesGNS3dynamips.exe. We will leave the working directory for Dynamips and all other settings to default values. You should now press the Test Settings button to verify if Dynamips starts successfully.

FULL GNS3-0.8.6-all-in-one.exe



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